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Boom – chicka – boom


Leader: I said a boom – chicka – boom
Scouts Repeat: I said a boom chicka boom
An example of the pattern and endings you can use:

I said a boom – chicka – boom (repeat)

I said a boom – chicka – boom (repeat)

I said a boom – chicka waka, chicka waka – chicka boom (repeat)
All right (repeat)

O.k (repeat)

Now fast -(each time repeat for 6 turns using whatever you want to, I use, fast, slow, loud, soft, high, and deep). After the lyrics repeated, say Now __ – using a action.

After all the turns done the last line is:

All right (repeat)

O.k (repeat)

That’s it! (repeat)


The song must be repeated with the action given by the leader


This Sing is repeated after each phrase is said, using the action spoken in the last line, the action can be varied to whatever the leader would like


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