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CheesemoosePt. 2


Refrain. Mountain. (Crowd Repeats) Big Mountain. (CR) Can’t get under the mountain. Can’t climb over the mountain (CR) Can’t walk around the mountain. (CR) Gonna’ have to dig through the mountain.(CR) Dig, Dig, Dig,Dig, *with digging motion. Refrain. Cave (CR) Dark Cave (CR) Can’t walk around the dark cave. (CR) Can’t walk over the dark cave. (CR) I’m going in the cave. Whisper, soft Refrain. Yell: “Cheesemoose, run, dig, dig, dig, swim, swim swim, run, run, chop, chop, chop, get home, lock the door. Whew”. Any questions, look at Cheesemoose part 1


Stomping feet marching.


Second half of a great song.


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