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Jonny Verbeck


(Chorus) Oh Mr. Jonny Verbeck, How could you be so mean? We told you you’d be sorry For inventing that machine. Now all the neighbors cats and dogs Will never more be seen! They’ve all be ground into sausages In Jonny Verbeck’s machine! There was a little man, Who’s name was Jonny Verbeck. He was the greatest dealer In sausage, sauerkraut and spec. He made the finest sausage, That ever you did see! And one day he invented, The sausage making machine! (Chorus) One day a little fat boy Came walking in the store He bought a pound of sausages And piled them on the floor. The boy began to whistle, And whistled up a tune And all the little sausages Went dancing around the room! (Chorus) One day the thing got busted, The darn thing wouldn’t go. So, Jonny Verbeck, he climbed inside To see what made it so. His wife she had a nightmare, Went walking in her sleep… (Short dramatic pause) She gave the crank, an awful yank! And Jonny Verbeck was meat! (Chorus)


This song should be best sung as loud as you can, and during breakfast. Also, while singing the chorus, you should hold up a piece of sausage on your fork high above your head.


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