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Organized Chaos

We have all heard of it. Organized Chaos. Sometimes, I will admit, organized chaos can be fun. However, organized chaos should be the exception, not the rule. Organized chaos is still, after all,...

When Tradition meets Tomorrow

As we approach the Centennial of Scouting, I reflect back on a lot of the writings and speeches of Lord Robert Baden-Powell. Mikes okay, but I want to be like BADEN! I thinks there is greater value...

One Line Riddles

Q: What word in the dictionary is always spelled wrong? A: WRONG Q: What question can you never truthfully answer 'Yes'? A: Are you asleep? Q: Which is the quietest sport? A:...

Doing Your Best

If you take the time to do it wrong, When are you going to have the time to do it right? Time spent trying to do something the right way is always time well spent.