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You need a helmet to prevent any traumatic brain or head injury, but a helmet will also keep you safe from any bumps and bruises while canyoneering, rock climbing, belaying, or rappelling. Take extra precautions to be safe and always wear a helmet.

While canyoneering I like to wear my helmet through the whole canyon. If you don’t have a mountaineering helmet to bring on an outdoor trip, you can always bring a bike helmet to wear so you’ll be safe, but bike helmets will look nerdy in all the pictures.

To be a true outdoor enthusiast you need a real adventure helmet. I look for helmets that fit my head well, are comfortable, durable, and light. I even like to add cool stickers I collect to my helmet like skiers or skateboarders.

My Choice

Here’s (Amazon) my favorite helmet. This helmet has durable padding for a comfortable fit. It is vented and won’t get too sweaty (or heavy) on a hot day. It has easy adjustment for a custom fit on top and in the straps. It will even fit those who have a larger head, but there’s a smaller size available if you need it here (Amazon).

The best part is the bright colors in this helmet that really stand out in your pictures! We own these helmets in every color of the rainbow. When I’m just hiking they are easy to clip onto the back of my backpack as well.

Amazon: Liberty Mountain Combi Rock HelmetOpens in a new tab.

Size SmallOpens in a new tab.

Tip: How to Find Your Helmet Size

Your helmet will only protect you if it fits you correctly. The size listed with helmets is the head circumference measurement. To take your head circumference, wrap a flexible measuring tape around the biggest part of your head, just above your ears and your eyebrows. It’s easier to have someone else do this for you, or look in a mirror.