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Boom – chicka – Boom


I said a Boom – chicka – Boom (Repeat)
I said a Boom – chicka – Boom (Repeat)
I said a Boom – chicka wocka – chicka wocka – chicka boom (Repeat)
All right (Repeat)
O.k (repeat)
Now slow (1st time – go really slow)
Now fast (2nd time – go really fast)
Now high (3rd time – high voice)
Now deep (4th time – deep voice)
Now soft (5th time – get soft)
Now LOUD! (GET Really loud)
Finish with – All right, o.k, that it’s it


Repeating the verse – after each time line is said, leader at the last line, says the action – then does the next verse with that action, loud, soft, etc.

Can also do Yoda Style, Baby Style, Elvis Style, Valley Girl Style, Janitor Style, etc.


This requires audience participation, they must repeat the verse after the leader says it

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