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Failure teaches Success

Failure is not a comfortable feeling and more often than not we have it in our lives. But if we can use it to measure what it takes to be successful. Then failing becomes a tool we can learn from. If...

Personal Fitness

Scouting provides an outlet to emerging physical bodies. Our bodies were made to be active, in fact they get stronger the more we use them. We encourage you to do hard physical things. You may get...

Doing Your Best

If you take the time to do it wrong, When are you going to have the time to do it right? Time spent trying to do something the right way is always time well spent.

How To Catch A Herd Of Elephants

HOW TO CATCH A HERD OF ELEPHANTS (visual aide: pair of binoculars) (Extra: Tweezers, Milk Bottle, Paper sign) I start by telling my scouts an OLD CORNY elephant Joke. How to catch a herd of...