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Failure teaches Success

Failure is not a comfortable feeling and more often than not we have it in our lives. But if we can use it to measure what it takes to be successful. Then failing becomes a tool we can learn from. If we take the time to look at our failures it will teach us what we have to do to be successful. It forces us to self analyze who am I and what I did.

Winning is an easy pill to take. Often swelled rapidly, cherished and we move on. We must use failure as a teaching tool. If we don’t take the time to learn from our failures then we have really failed at becoming successful and have gained nothing by failing. So failing teaches us how to be successful.


30 years of teaching and coaching experience

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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