Cheesemoose Hunt. Part 1


Scream: All you gotta do is repeat after me. (Repeat)
(Stomp with feet)
I’m going on a Wild Cheesemoose Hunt. (Repeat)
I’m not scared (Repeat)
I got my gun (Repeat)
(Stop stomping)

Forest! (Repeat)
Big Forest! (Repeat)
I’m not going to walk around this forest (Repeat)
I’m not going over this forest (Repeat)
I can’t get under this forest (Repeat)
I’m I have to chop my way through the forest (Repeat)


Lake! (Repeat)
Big Lake! (Repeat)
I’m not going to walk around the lake! (Repeat)
I’m not going over the lake (Repeat)
I can’t get under the lake (Repeat)
I’m have to swim across the lake (Repeat)


During verse make stomping motions with feet, left-right.
Chop-make ax motions with hands.
Swim- make swim motion with arms.
Dig- make shoveling motions.


Need a loud booming voice to lead. Song can be changed to be made longer or shorter when needed. Can put in the Chip-Chop cheer to cut trees, have someone blow a whistle during swimming for a Buddy Check, etc. Add as many or little chop, swim and dig motions you want. To


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