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The Enlarging Machine


One washing machine box, cardboard boxes, noisemakers (ratchet, cowbell, etc.), towing chain or rope, small sheet, lab coat, goofy specs, whisk broom, regular broom (cut down handle), small pebbles, fake rubber rock, small stick, large stick, miniature basketball, basketball, McDonalds chicken McNugget in box, rubber chicken, bowl of water, business attire, big baby costume (usually includes diaper/pacifier), baby doll, little girl’s outfit, mop wig.


Take washing machine box, cut square hole in top and one in side. Cut cardboard boxes on a diagonal to make “chutes” on top and side. Secure with staples and/or Liquid Nails. Cut good-sized door in back. Paint. Use computer to print outline type of word “Enlarger” in successively larger letters. Decorate top and sides creatively with garage junk (wire, coils, etc.) make paper gauges etc.Make two holes near base and pass chain through it. Boy in diaper is hidden inside machine with noisemakers and enlarged props.

Alternately: Just Hold up a sheet and bang on pots and pans to make a mechanical noise


Scouts pull the machine hidden under a sheet to the front of the audience (boy inside holds chain). Mad scientist accompanies.

SCIENTIST: I, __ Einstein, after many years of intense research and development, have finally created my masterpiece: an enlarging machine! (Unveils machine with a flourish.). With this device, what goes in here (Gestures) comes out here (Gestures) twice its size.

FIRST PASSERBY: What’s this?

SCIENTIST: An enlarging machine.

FIRST PASSERBY: What does it do?

SCIENTIST: Well, you put something in here, and it comes out here greatly enlarged.

FIRST PASSERBY: Can I try it? MAD SCIENTIST: Sure, but be careful.

FIRST PASSERBY: (Picks up small stick on the floor, tosses it into churt. Small pause. Boy inside uses noisemakers and shakes box, pauses, then pushes big stick out the top chute.) Wow!! (Walks away amazed.)


OBNOXIOUS KID: (Approaches, throwing pebbles at box.)

SCIENTIST: Hey you, quit that! KID: (Continues throwing small pebbles, and drops one into the chute. Machine makes noise, then sends out fake rock which knocks kid on the head. He falls over unconscious. Other scouts drag him off.)

SCOUTMASTER AS BUSINESSMAN: (Walking hurriedly, checking his watch. Stops and stares at box, and says sarcastically)What’s this thing!?

SCIENTIST: (SAME SPIEL AS BEFORE) BUSINESSMAN: Yeah, right! Who are you trying to kid? Do you have a license for this? This is a piece of junk!! It belongs in the dump! In fact, here’s what I think of your great invention! (Turns back to audience, makes spitting noise into chute. Machine starts up, pauses. He looks into top chute. Scout in box throws a cup of water on his head. He stalks off angrily.)

LITTLE GIRL (BOY IN COSTUME): (Skips up to box) What ya got there?

SCIENTIST: It’s my invention, don’t touch it!! LITTLE GIRL: (Touching machine) What’s it do?

SCIENTIST: Stop it! It enlarges things, now leave me alone!

LITTLE GIRL:(Sticks out tongue, then tosses baby doll into machine. Machine starts.)

SCIENTIST: (Panicked) What have you done!? Oh my, oh my! (Machine pauses)

BABY IN MACHINE: (Comes out of back, stands up, spies scientist, and begins chasing him around the room.) Mama! Mama! Mama!

Alternate Ending:

One of the tarp holders says “Come one, come all; see the new, incredible enlarging machine! Throw anything into it and see the item returned at twice its normal size!” Several people walk up and throw in the smaller items, catching the “enlarged” items as they are passed back over the tarp. One person walks by, saying “I don’t believe this machine actually enlarges anything!”

So saying, they spit on the tarp. The person behind the tarp then upends the bucket of water on the unbeliever’s head!

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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