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I am a boy scout trooper a trooper I will be, and If I weren’t a boy scout trooper…


(chorus)I am a boy scout trooper, a trooper I’ll always be, and if I weren’t a trooper, (then you say one of the many verses below) A boy scout I would be! On my honor I’ll do my best to 1. ooh! look at her! (repeat) a girl scout I would be! 2. ew! a bug!, 2.squish it in the rug!(repeat) A girl scout I would be! 3. here’s a cookie, here’s a cookie, gimme five bucks! (repeat) A fence post I would be! 4. (at this point this is all you do throughout the rest of the skit) the president I would be! 5. PUSH A BUTTON! PUSH A BUTTON! 5. WORLD WAR THREE! (repeat) A lifeguard I would be! mouth to mouth resuscitate, what a way to get a date! (repeat) (this one has no motions) A golfer I would be! 6. hit those birdies, hit those bogeys, just watch out don’t hit old fogeys! A scout master I would be! 7.big belly!, 7. no hair!, 7. look at my scouts there everywhere! A farmer I would be! 8. A rake, a hoe, 8. there goes a U.F.O.! (repeat but say, another U.F.O.! A fireman I would be! 9. JUMP LADY, JUMP! 9. PSYCH,! (make this noise) SPLAT! (repeat) A bomb technician I would be! 10. red wire, black wire, this is how we start a fire! (repeat) an electrician I would be! 10. AC, DC, 11. Bacon and eggs I would be! 12. britney spears is what I would be! 13.


1.flick hand and make pointing sign. 2.point at ground and 2.rub your foot on the ground in crushing motion. 3.stretch hand out and make grabbing motion with hand 4.jump forward and stand there with your hands and legs at your sides. you then stand there and stay like that for the rest of the skit,not talking. 5.stick left hand out across chest and point like pushing button, repeat with right hand. 5.throw both hands in the air. 6.make golfing swings. 7.rub stomach. 7.pat hair. 7.put hand on for head and make looking movements. 8.look like putting handle of rake or hoe on ground. 8.stick hand out, make pointing motion while following imaginary space ship. 9.act like you are just about to catch a jumping women with a tarp. 9.act like you just pulled back the tarp and let the women fall. 10.act like putting two things together 11.act like your being shocked (make sounds if you want) 12.lay down on the ground and start wiggling around while saying, sizzle sizzle, pop! sizzle sizzle, pop! throughout the rest of the song like the fence post role. 13. this is complicated role but when done correctly, it is the most hilarious thing you will ever see. you will need some supplies for this one, get a pair of head phones and put them in your back pocket or some where reachable and when you say, britney spears is what I would be!, then you have the other scouts come over and put their hands in front of you to kind of make a curtain or something then put the head phones on your head and walk through the other scouts hands and have a off stage scout start playing a britney spears song for about 8 seconds,then have him turn the song off and have all the other scouts leave the stage like in real life they left you high and dry, then you start saying things like, guys, guys come on, don’t leave me! then(if you had the fence post part)walk sadly over to the guy playing the fence post role and pick him up and walk off stage with him


there are many lyrics to this song and I can’t name them all so you can look for some more or you can make up your own. to do this song you have to have a reasonable amount of scouts participating (4 to 13 scouts is good, depends on how long you want the song to be.) then the first scout says his line then back to the chorus, then the second person says his line,then the first scout says his line again while the second scout is singing his line a second time, then you do the same thing while having the number of times the line is repeated being greater and greater the more scouts you have. (If you can’t understand these directions then find a scout troop who knows how to do this perform in front of you. p.s.the actions are the numbers that are in the middle of the lyrics, example, If the number is five then you look down at the actions and look for that number and the action for that part should be listed there, under that number.

Mike Harmer

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