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Something to act as 2 stone walls for (one for each army) cover from the “gun fire”(my troop usually uses chairs).


5 or more scouts. One scout needs to be a narrator. The other scouts split up into 2 armies, one American the other German. Line your “cover” facing each other parallel, and about 6-10 ft. apart.


Cast: Narrator, Ivan, Joe, Tom, Fritz, and other scouts playing soldiers. The story starts with the 2 armies behind their own “cover”.

Narrator: The setting, World War 2. The place, Germany. A group of American and German soldiers run into each other. (At this time, the scouts playing the armies start pretending to shoot machine guns at each other, and throwing grenades).

Narrator: As there was lull in the battle, two American GIs, Joe and Tom, decide to play a trick on the Germans.

Joe: Hey Tom, lets play a prank on the Germans.

Tom: OK, what is it. Joe: Well, we’ll think of a common German name, then we’ll yell it over to them. If one of them is stupid enough to jumped up and answer, we’ll shoot him.

Tom: OK. What should our name be? Oh wait, how about Ivan.

Narrator: The 2 of them agree, and Joe decides to go first. Joe: (Yelling over the wall) Hey Ivan! (Ivan stands up)

Ivan: Ya.

Joe: (Pretending to shoot) BANG!!

Narrator: The trick had work. Ivan was wounded. A soldier drug him back to a field hospital. After a couple of days, Ivan was back on the front line.

Joe: (Pretending to look through binoculars) Hey Tom, our friend Ivan is back. Lets play that trick on him again.

Tom: Sure. Narrator: Tom decides to do it this time.

Tom: (Yelling over the wall) Hey Ivan! Ivan: (Standing up) Ya.

Tom: BANG!! Narrator: The trick had worked again. Ivan was brought to a bigger hospital, where in a week, he back again, but very sick. Although had a trick up his sleeve.

Ivan: (German accent)(Talking to Fritz) Hey Fritz, lets do what they been doing to me.

Fritz: Ya, but what common American name should we use? Ivan: I think we should use Joe.

Narrator: The 2 of them agree.

Ivan: (Yelling over the wall) Hey Joe!

Joe: (Yelling back) Is that you Ivan?

Ivan: (Standing up) Ya.

Joe: BANG!

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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