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How to Perform the “JC Penney” Scout Skit


Belt, Shirt, Pants, Towel, swimming trunks.


The equipment may be substituted for different items of clothing but once you view the action you will get the idea.


One boy is sitting out in the middle of a field, sitting on a log just passing time. Another boy enters stage left looking at this shiny new belt.

The boy on the log stands and says, “My, what a fine belt you have, Where did you get it?”

The proud boy says “JC Penny”. Belt boy exits Stage Right. A couple moments pass and the log boy is whistling some scout song.

Another boy enters from stage left just proud of this new shirt he has on. He brushes it to get the new threads off the shirt looks at the shirt and smiles with a huge grin.

The log boy says, boy that is a great shirt, where did you get it? The shirt boy responds with a even bigger smile, “Why JC Penny” and he exits stage right.

Still another boy enters from stage left and just delighted with these pants he has on. He looks at the knees, he turns his head to see how they look from behind. And the log boy just cant resist asking, “Now where did you get them fine, fine pants?”

The pants boys says, “oh, I got them from JC PENNY!” (This can be repeated several times for as many boys are in the troop with different items of clothing.

Finally, a boy in what appears to be in only a towel (if on rocky terrain at a scout camp old shoes may be worn to protect feet) and his hair is all haggard he looks disheveled and a bit tattered.

The Log boy says, “My heavens man, what happened to you?”

The Towel Boy says uh, well, I’m JC Penny!”

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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