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On Top of Old Baldy


On top of Ole Baldy,
There’s nary a hair,
But only the memory
Of the hair that was there.

Hair parts in the middle,
Hair parts on the side.
But parting is sor-r-row,
When the part gets too wide.

On top of Ole Baldy,
So barren and neat,
There’s no trace of dandruff,
‘Cuz WHAT could it EAT???


The action involves “playing” on the “bald headed fathers’ ” (or moms’) heads as if they were part of a large xylophone.


Tune: On Top of Old Smoky) This is a favorite at the Webelos Weekends held every summer at Camp Napowan, Wild Rose, WI (North West Suburban Council #751). Youngsters are invited to “contribute” their bald headed daddy (or mom) to the Song Leader who invites the parents to kneel down and bow their shiny heads toward the audience. The Song Leader sings a line and invites all campfire attendees to repeat it.

Mike Harmer

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