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The Froggy Song


Dog! Dog, Cat! Dog, Cat, Mouse! Foggy! Itsy-bitsy, teen-weeny, little-bity froggy! Jump, Jump, Jump little froggy! Gobblin’up all the little worms and spiders! Fleas and Flies are scrumdiddlyiciuos! Ribbit,Ribbit,Ribbit,Ribbit,Ribbit,Ribbit,Croak! Faster!! (Repeat song)


Through the entire song, singers slap their knees and then clap their hands. Each time sung faster, the hands go faster.


Comes all the way from Trexler Scout Reservation, Settler’s Camp.

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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