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The Worm


None needed, but hiking boots and backpacks make nice touches. Skit is for a leader and one or more scouts; Only leader and 1 scout have lines.




Leader and scout(s) on a loooong hike; scout behind leader whines for a break. “No”, leader replies,”We have a long way to go!” Group keeps walking, the scout whining “I’ll tell my Mom!” “Go ahead”, the leader says, “I’m not worried about her.” Keeps hiking. “I’ll tell my Dad!” “I don’t care”‘ leader says, “I’m not afraid of him.” “I’ll cryyyy!” Scout begins terrible high-pitched crying. “Oh, all right!” leader exclaims, “We’ll stop for a minute. Just stop that racket!”

Group stops, stands there. The scout whines, “I want to sit down.” Leader replies, “The ground’s all muddy!” “But I want to sit!” “Oh, go ahead then.” Scout sits. Looks up….”I want you to sit with me!” “No chance”, leader says, “I’m not getting muddy!” “I’ll tell my Mom!” “I told you, I’m not worried about her.” “I’ll tell my Dad!” “I’m not afraid of him, I’ll kick his butt.” “I’ll cryyyy!” “Okay, okay, just shut up!” Leader sits down in the mud, frowning.

Scout looks around. “Hey”, he yells, “a great big worm! Pick it up for me!” “Why? It’s disgusting!” Pick it up or I’ll tell my Mom!” “I’m not afraid of her”, leader says, “I’ll kick her butt too!” “I’ll tell my Dad!” “Go ahead”, leader responds, “I can take him!” “I’ll cryyyyy!” “Oh, alright, alright, don’t start that!” Picks up worm, grimacing.

Scout looks at leader…… “Break it in half!” What? Why? don’t be gross!” “I’ll tell my Mom!” “Tell her, then”, leader says. “I’ll tell my Dad!” “Go ahead”, leaders replies, “See if I care.” “I’ll cryyyy!!” “Oh, I give up, just stop that noise!”, leader yells, and tears worm in half. “Yuck!” Scout looks at leader. “Eat half!” “WHAT? No way, not a chance!!”, leader yells. “I’ll tell my…” “Tell anyone you want! Your Mom is a weakling and your Dad is a wimp! I can kick both their butts! I am NOT eating half a worm!!”, leader yells. Scout takes a deep breath….. “I’ll CRYYY!!!” Starts screeching loudly….”I can’t take it!!” leader eats half of worm, gagging. Scout screeches even louder. “What’s wrong now?”, leader asks, “I did everything you asked!”

Scout sobs, “You ate MY HALF!!”

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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