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Walk-On: The Vindow Viper


Several Scouts, bucket of water, squeegee, towel/rag. Optional: round “spectacles”, moustache, white jumpsuit.
Helps for the Scout playing the viper part to be relatively short and a good whistler.


Works best at a major campfire or other lengthy activity. No special preparation required, though a pair of round glasses and black moustache makes a nice touch for the “viper” part.


This is one of those “ongoing” skits, that takes place over the course of the event in bits and pieces, followed at the end by the “punch line”. To be done most effectively, it requires participation by the master of ceremonies. This was a regular during my summer camp years at Woodland Trails Scout Reservation in Dayton, OH.

Starting near the beginning of the campfire, and at random intervals throughout, a different Scout appears from nowhere, running across the stage in a state of hysterical panic. He runs as if being chased and is trying to get away. He keeps screaming as he runs: “The viper is coming! The viper is coming!”. As each Scout appears, the MC or whoever can do it up nicely by expressing increasing levels of consternation with the interruptions.
(Usually, this works best when the interruptions are spaced several minutes apart, using a total of 4 or 5 “runners” over the course of the campfire.)

Finally, at the appropriate moment, when the last Scout “runner” appears, the MC stops him and asks “Hey, I’ve been hearing about this viper all night – you’re not the first who has interrupted our campfire!! Who is this “viper” and why are you running from him?” To which the runner replies in horror as he tries to pull away from the MC – “He’s coming! The viper is c-o-m-i-n-g!!! Save yourselves!!!”

As the runner pulls away and scampers to safety, the MC looks as he hears someone approaching, whistling a tune (“Whistle While You Work” might be a good one here). This short, mousey-looking fellow (in an optional white jumpsuit) is carrying a bucket of water, a squeegee, and a rag. The MC stops him and says: “Hey pal, I’m sick and tired of these interruptions! This is the final straw! Just who do you think you are?”

To which the fellow responds in a “European” accent: “Hi, I’m the Vindow Viper. Anyvun need zeir Vindows Vashed?”
(As an optional touch, the MC can either chase the viper off the stage or dump the bucket of water on him.)

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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