Which snowshoe is right for me?

Want to try snowshoeing but need helping choosing snowshoes? This article will give you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect snowshoes.

How much will I weigh?

Snowshoes come with size recommendations based the weight they need to support. Add your body weight, plus everything you will be carrying, like a backpack, and determine what size snow shoe you need.

What snow conditions will I most likely be in?

If you will be in deep, dry powder, select a larger snow shoe than if you will be in wet or packed snow.

What do I plan on doing in my snow shoes?

Decide if you plan on running, climbing, hiking cross-country, or walking on packed trails. If you will do a lot of climbing, you will want really good traction and a heel lift. If you plan on running, choose snowshoes with little traction, and little weight. If you plan on doing cross-country or snowboarding, you will want snowshoes that pack flat and have good traction.

Will i be wearing special footwear?

Most snowshoes will fit a variety of footwear sizes and shoes, some special kinds of shoes, such as snowboarding boots or hunting boots might not fit. Before you purchase snowshoes, make sure the snowshoe will fit your boot.

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