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75 Ideas for Memorable Scoutmaster Minutes- Organized by Quality and Prep Time

For the last 20+ years we have been gathering ideas from scouters and youth group leaders into one place. These submissions are ideas that leaders have actually used, along with the messages that they intended to convey. With the right preparation, a scoutmaster minute can become something that a youth will remember for a long time- it could even change a life.

These ideas can be used for boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts, and religious organizations. They also work for coaches of sports teams or other youth groups. These parables, quotes, and stories can go a long way with impressionable minds towards building a better tomorrow.

13 of The Best Scoutmaster Minutes We’ve Ever Heard

These are really the best of the best. They can be adapted to just about any audience, and can be lengthened or shortened as needed. Some of these will stick in your scout’s minds through the rest of their lives. They can take time to prepare, but it’s worth it to leave an positive impression.

Scoutmaster MinuteVisual Aid Required?Preparation TimeQuality (Out of 5)
I Can Stop It Anytime (Dynamite)Yes15min5
The Bridge BuilderNo10min5
Outside InfluencesYes15min5
The Rock in the SandboxNo10min5
Choose a DoorYes15min5
The Parable of the Coal MakerNo15min5
Two ChoicesNo15min5
Stars to Steer ByYes10min5
The Pledge of AllegianceYes10min5
The Men Who Signed the DeclarationNo15min5
I am the Whisper of the WindNo10min5
Learn Some New TricksNo10min5

11 Scoutmaster Minutes With Visual Aids

Presenting a visual aid at the beginning of a message is a great way to capture everyone’s attention- especially if the visual aid is something cool or unique.

Scoutmaster MinuteVisual Aid Required?Preparation TimeQuality (Out of 5)
I Can Stop It Anytime (Dynamite)Yes15min5
Outside InfluencesYes15min5
Choose a DoorYes15min5
Stars to Steer ByYes10min5
I am Your FlagYes10min4
Scouting is Like a Golf BallYes10min4
A Scout’s Map and CompassYes10min4
How to Catch a Herd of ElephantsYes10min4
Boy Scouts are Like Tea BagsYes5min3
Our Moral CompassYes5min3
Getting Scouts to Follow SPLYes30min3

50+ Scoutmaster Minutes That Don’t Require Visual Aids

You don’t always have a visual aid available, and don’t always have the time to put together a big presentation. These are relatively simple messages that can be prepared in as little as a few minutes with no visual aids.

Scoutmaster MinuteVisual Aid Required?Preparation TimeQuality (Out of 5)
The Bridge BuilderNo10min5
The Rock in the SandboxNo10min5
Two ChoicesNo15min5
The Parable of the Coal MakerNo15min5
Learn Some New TricksNo10min5
The Signers of the DeclarationNo15min5
A Good Turn Turns Into GoodNo10min4
World, Take My Son By The HandNo10min4
Personal FitnessNo5min4
The StarfishNo10min4
Life’s ChoicesNo10min4
Dog ScoutsNo5min4
The HawkNo10min4
Explore. Dream. DiscoverNo5min4
Positive AttitudeNo5min4
Veterans DayNo15min4
Brick by BrickNo15min4
The CarpenterNo10min4
Another Year at CampNo15min4
Don’t Be A CrabNo5min4
The ButterflyNo10min4
The Goose StoryNo15min4
Looking ProfessionalNo5min3
Brave Looks Different on the InsideNo10min3
Grandfather’s QuestionNo10min3
Sharing Leadership ExperienceNo10min3
To New LeadersNo10min3
Developing Personal ResponsibilityNo5min3
Scouting UniformNo5min3
Everyone is the Arch’s KeystoneNo5min3
Failure Teaches SuccessNo10min3
Last Best Great Hope for AmericaNo10min3
Always – Look UpNo5min3
A SaluteNo5min3
Service to OthersNo5min3
Scouting – OutingNo5min3
The Scout SignNo5min3
Self-ish versus Self-lessNo10min3
Great OneNo5min3
The Wise ManNo5min3
It is So EasyNo5min3
Leadership ThoughtsNo5min3
Organized ChaosNo5min2
When Tradition Meets TomorrowNo10min2
One Line RiddlesNo5min2
Order of the Arrow MinuteNo5min2
Doing Your BestNo5min2

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I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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