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99 Scout Skit Ideas (Organized by Prep Time and Humor)

Between all the writers at Scoutorama and the many contributors to this skit database, hundreds of years of scouting experience has gone into creating this resource for you. With a little bit of adaptation, these skits can be used for church groups, scout troops, youth groups, and anyone looking for a fun time.

Our 21 Favorite Scout Skits of All Time

We’ll start the list of 100 skits with the funniest ones we’ve ever seen. Some of these are complicated and take a lot of time and props to be ready. Others you can throw together in 5 minutes. We tried to strike a balance of showing some that are unique and hilarious, and others that are very popular and well known, but probably only good enough for a chuckle.

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn the SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
If I weren’t a scout…30 minutes4-95
The ugliest man5 minutes5-123 (Oldie but a goodie)
Ivan (WWII)10 minutes5-124
Invisible bench5 minutes4+ 3 (Oldie but a goodie)
Titanic10 minutes3+4
The firing squad5 minutes5+4
Enlarging machine15 minutes4+5
Raiders of The Wind5 minutes4+4
The New York Mugging10 minutes5+5
New Underwear5 minutes4+5
Conserving Water10 minutes55
Grecian Fountains15 minutes2+5
Ice Fishing5 minutes3+4
JC Penney5 minutes4+3 (Oldie but a goodie)
The Restaurant5 minutes4+5
Guinness Spitter10 minutes3+5
The Fortune Teller10 minutes2+5
Brains for Sale5 minutes4+3
The Hypochondriac10 minutes4+5
The Good Samaritan5 minutes4+4
The Candy Store10 minutes5+4

21 Skits With No Props Required

Forget to make a plan? Running late? We’ve got you covered-

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
The Fortune Teller10 minutes25
Invisible Bench5 minutes4+5
Firing Squad10 minutes7+5
New York Mugging5 minutes5+5
New Underwear5 minutes4+5
The Worm10 minutes4+4
Gotta Go Wee5 minutes4+4
Rattle Snake5 minutes34
Brains for Sale5 minutes2+4
Lost Quarter5 minutes5+3
Submarine10 minutes4+3
The Undertaker10 minutes4+3
Musical Toilet Seat5 minutes4+3
Titanic15 minutes53
Dead Fly5 minutes4+3
The Samaritan (Gum)5 minutes4+3
Turning5 minutes4+2
Raisins from Jamaica5 minutes52
Match Audition10 minutes3+2
The Chory of Stinderella1 hour12
Lost Gum5 minutes4+2

21 Funniest Scout Skits We’ve Seen

Some of these are laugh-out-loud, while others will get a chuckle out of the stingiest audience member.

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
New Underwear5 minutes4+5
The Hypochondriac10 minutes5+5
Grecian Fountains10 minutes2+5
The Guinness Spitter10 minutes2+5
Tree Climber10 minutes35
The Restaurant5 minutes4+5
The Elephant10 minutes4+5
The Firing Squad10 minutes7+5
Pass the Pepper5 minutes4+5
Ivan (WWII)10 minutes4+5
Run Forest Run5 minutes5+5
Manhole Cover5 minutes2+5
Fools Gold5 minutes4+5
Three Rivers10 minutes4+5
Conserving Water10 minutes5+5
The Duck Skit10 minutes2+5
Ice Fishing5 minutes35
Superhero Hall of Fame10 minutes55
Will You Hold This Box?10 minutes55
The Land Shark15 minutes5+5
The Motorcycle Shop15 minutes5+5

12 Run-On Skits (30 Seconds)

These are used to fill time between bigger skits or to keep the audience’s attention during transition times. Some of them are even funny.

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
Push A Rope1 minute25
The Vindow Viper1 minute4+5
Be Prepared5 minutes44
Sticking Around1 minute23
Just Leaving1 minute23
Light’s Better1 minute23
Hoeing1 minute23
Infant Tree5 minutes2+3
The Ants Go Marching10 minutes5+3
My Belt1 minute23
Passing Gas1 minute4+3
Throwing Up1 minute23

10 Unique Skits

These are guaranteed to be unique. But maybe there’s a reason you haven’t seen them before!

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
Uncle No-Legs30 minutes3+3
Mr. Potato Head10 minutes4+3
The 3 Scouts and The Headless Cubmaster10 minutes53
Jailhouse Comedians10 minutes5+3
The Lighthouse10 minute52
The Chory of Stinderella1 hour12
Bach10 minutes42
The Sap Keeps Runnin’10 minutes42
Purple Pancakes15 minutes72
King Herold of Norway1 hour22

Even More Skits

If you haven’t found something by now, here are some more that have been submitted. Some of these will take some work to adapt, but there’s a skeleton to work with.

Skit Name and LinkTime to Learn SkitPeople NeededHumor Score
High Fry Fish Fry10 minutes2+2
The Problematic Phone10 minutes3+2
Cricket5 minutes32
Little Caesar10 minutes7+3
Centipede10 minutes53
Johnny and the Car10 minutes5+3
Sounds of Scouting5 minutes42
The Sound Sleeper10 minutes4+2
What’s Up?5 minutes52
Makin’ Beans15 minutes82
Suckers5 minutes22
Is It Time Yet?5 minutes5+2
Retired Scoutmaster5 minutes4+2
Royal Papers10 minutes4+3

Skits can be a lot of fun to bring people together and get them laughing. Most of these are ready to go, but some of them need to be adapted to your group. There are hundreds of other hilarious skits, so if there are others we need to include here, let us know!

Mike Harmer

I created this website back in 1996, and have slowly added content to it over the years. Some resources have been contributed by viewers and other people who love the outdoors.

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